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A Digital Marketing Tool for Entrepreneurs and Businessmen.


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Who can use it?

If you are an Entrepreneur or Businessmen/women with a packaged goods then this app is for you.

StoreLink app helps you build your Store from scratch with your smartphone. StoreLink is a Mobile App for Entrepreneurs and Businesses to setup OnlineStore quickly for Free, showcase products and build customer network from Local to Global .

What does it do?

The StoreLink App is a simple tool to setup ecommerce individually within Local and expand global by simple invitations.

Now a days, we can see more consumers are purchasing products online. This is drawing more attention to big ecommerce product companies to sell online. This is leading to loss of customers and droping of sales for small and medium businesses in Local. This app helps them to hold their Local customers who love purchasing online and build their Local online market and expand their market in future.

When should i use it?

Anytime! You can start Right now!

If you have good online business idea and packaged product you can startup right now. No more heavy ecommerce (online store) development and tedious digital marketing techniques. Whole app works in just 3 steps to use it and start right away.

Why to use it?

In this new digital age customers want every brick and mortar business or startup idea business to have online presence.

In today's digital world consumers want online presence of every thing. To meet the preset customers demand and mindset, every Business (brick & mortar to shopping complex) is eligible to setup OnlineStore exclusively to their customers.

Where should i use it?

This app works right away from your home or business.

This app doesnt need any physical presence. You can start right away from your home or business Location, even from your car. Its architecture and design helps you to bond with your Local customers like never before.

How to start?

Download from Google PlayStore

  • Build and Manage your Store in 3 Steps

StoreLink 3 Steps
  • Ready
    Prepare Inventory

    Easiest way to upload your products.

  • Set
    ShowCase Products

    Strategic ways to customer showcase your Stock and Offers.

  • Go
    Customer Networking

    Build your customer network with simple strategies and get orders.

Organic way of doing business using tech | Say Goodbye to heavy ECommerce Websites | No tedious Digital Marketing techniques | Give your Customers online experience | Zero marketing Cost | Build your customer network with simple strategies

Are you starting up? Launch your StoreLink in 3 Steps.

Place your Store on Busivold Arcade

Busivold Arcade

Reach large number of Audience by placing StoreLink on Busivold Arcade (An Open MarketPlace).

StoreLink add to homescreen


Features you love


Add your unlimted Stock instantly.


Create your unlimted price & percentage discounts to your customers.


Set product pictures easily.

Sizes & Options

Add multiple Product sizes.

Stock Maintainance

Automatic stock maintainance with your sale.


Inventory and Transaction Reports


Text,Audio & Video help available at every point.


Show items that customers like.


Show items in a way that customers like.


Set Offers timer to increase your orders.

Order Limit

Show only how much you can deliver.


Add your Taxes like CGST,SGST,IGST


Add your Charges like Delivery,Package etc


Get orders instantly

StoreLink Manager

Manage Store, Customers & orders


Check Views, Installs & Orders


Close and open StoreFront easily anytime.


Customize StoreLink like never before.

Add Logo

Create your own Brand Visual


Integrate your UPI url.

Store Status

Engage your customers with with status.

Demo "ToyStore" StoreLink

perspective phone
perspective phone

No Domain Name or .com required | Auto-Install Popup to customer | (ATH) Add to HomeScreen compatible | Android + Apple+ Web Compatible

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Business Ideas

4P Modeling for business

Script your marketing strategy easily. (Beta)

Organic way of doing business using tech


Busivold Products works as ecosystem

Now your StoreLink can be installed as app on your customer Mobile.


StoreLink add to homescreen

You are always connected to your customers. No need to remember website domain names.

StoreLink Possibilities

Do more with StoreLink


Fulfill your Startup Dream.

If you have an idea to startup online and a packaged product ready! then StoreLink is right app to startup. It can help you to fulfill your business dream. Setup OnlineStore with single click. It doesn't require any domain, hosting space, coding , SEO, maintenance & Technical expertise. Make changes anytime, anywhere from your own mobile device. You can easily setup your logo, status image, status text to engage your customers interest. It is easy to maintain your Inventory, create your custom offers. You can also manage your orders and bill them with great ease. Always get connected to your customers without the need of remembering domain name necessity with progressive app technology. You can open or shutdown your store anytime with a simple change of option.

Marketing budget is zero

Marketing your business and establishing your brand is different ball game. StoreLink app have simple strategies to reach remote customers easy like never before.


Build Customer base from Local to Global

Make your customers stay connected with you. StoreLink help you reach your products to people havent seen before. You can expand your business empire from Local to Global. Simple techniques like ADD TO HOMESCREEN help to build Loyal customer base. The StoreLink will further help you to expand your customer network further with "Tell a Friend" feature. With this your customers which in turn help you to build organic customer network beyond your region.

Make yourself lovable to your customer.

Now get orders just like that. The StoreLink ICON in customers mobile HomeScreen will engage your customers to open your Store make products and offer choices they like and they can order you directly with a single page checkout. You can even setup a order limit of which can gain you good customers to achieve your business target and breakeven as early as possible.


Completely free for Commercial Purpose.


Completely Free for LifeTime
  • OnlineStore
  • Unlimited Inventory
  • Unlimited Inventory
  • Free 3 Orders everyday
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  • OnlineStore
  • Unlimited Inventory
  • TechSupport
  • Unlimited Orders
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can i setup OnlineStore for Free?

Yes, you can setup your StoreLink for Free and improve your customers base organically.

What payment methods do you accept?

Currently helps you to setup UPI payments & Cash on Delivery Payment method.

Do i need a Domain Name?

No, You doesn't require any domain name to setup StoreLink. You can share StoreLink to your customer and it directs them to Add to HomeScreen to make a loyal customer. Now you are connected to your customers.

Do you have a contract or commissions on orders?

No contracts or commissions. You have complete freedom to do your business online.


StoreLink Business Operations

Order Listing for Delivery to your customers.

Manage business operations right from your laptop!

StoreLink Business Operations for your business.

Register your Trail Now!

  • GST flexible billing.
  • Automatic Inventory management.
  • Notes and spreadsheet.
  • Create your Offers and Discounts.
  • Billing your recieved orders.
  • Can be used as POS.
  • Manage your Orders.
  • Organise your Reports.
  • more inside ...

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