Support Page to use StoreLink easily


StoreLink App works in just 3 steps.

It is time to start your Business Idea, Your Product/Service, Brand, Store go to customer doorstep. Any Big achievement must be start with a single step, a small portion, a small area or a small group of customers. We call it Local. If your ability to startup limited to a Local Area it should be very easy and riskless to start. But the circumstances and calculations is different outside. Big online eCommerce are also there in your Local play ground.They seems to be more trendy and attractive towards todays educated customers. This make you more cumpolsory to do new begining as your end customers like in your Local. An all in one solution for you as an aspiring entrepreneur or a businessman. We are happy to introduce you to StoreLink App. Get ready to Setup Local OnlineStore Quickly and Free.

StoreLink Possibilities

To open or Setup a Local Store just follow the following points

1.Install StoreLink Manager App from Google Play Store

  • Go to Google play Store
  • Search "StoreLink App"
  • Click on "Install"

2. Now open the StoreLink Manager App

  • Go to homeScreen
  • Click on "StoreLink App" to Open

3.Register with your details and Login

  • Enter your basic details
  • Click on "Register"

4.After Login it will ask for StoreFront Details. Enter and Click Proceed.

  • Enter your StoreFront details
  • Click on "Proceed"

5.Now lets Generate your StoreLink. For this you need to verify your Phone no.Now your StoreLink is ready.

  • Verify your Phone no in Step 3.
  • Enter OTP. Click on "Confirm"

Step 1 : Now lets Prepare your Inventory.

  • Add your Items into showcase from your Inventory with + Button.
  • It is a place where all your items placed permanently

Step 2: Now showcase items from Inventory as per your demand and business stratergy.

  • Add some items into showcase from Inventory.
  • Which means all items in the showcase can be viewed by your customers.

Step 3: Now you are ready invite your Customers.

  • Add settings -> Logo ->Status Image -> UPI Pay
  • Click share now button to send Invitations.

Once customers recieves your invitation.

  • He/She will Install your SL to their HomeScreen
  • You can monitor your Views,Installs and Orders in StoreLink Manager.

Now You are ready to recieve your order at anytime.

  • Stay awake! to begin a new Local Business Journey.