Business is a work activity where you can earn marginal profits or income by offering a product or service. The service is when a customer approaches you with some requirement and a product is the ready-made solution for the customer’s requirement. In general, everybody who wants to be a businessman adopts one of these ways to make money out of their business. We can also call these people as entrepreneurs. If you understand how to start a business and run it because of ancestral Origins then it is ok. Else if you are an aspiring entrepreneur or a businessman who doesn’t have any experience or mentoring then you doubt starting your own business. This is basically due to confusion in your mind about whether doing successful business is luck or hard work?

Luck vs Hardwork

Luck or HardWork

Basically, to start a business you have to do is Jugaad. Jugaad is an Indian Hindi word where you can bring all resources together to startup. This helps running your company or business to offer your service or finished products that are made available to our customers in the market. If the customer accepts your products in the market and willing to pay you then you are having a successful business. So, does business happen here is due to luck or hard work? Let’s analyze.

The process from startup to revenue generation, the key point of success is the “customer acceptance” of the products and willingness to pay you for them. This is luck or hard work! It is definitely a Luck because you have brought your product or service at the right time into the market where there is customer demand. Yes, luck is nothing but your timing you came into the market with products that may happened unintentionally or with a conscious market study. If it happened unintentionally definitely you feel it as luck. Otherwise, if it is a conscious decision then others feel that it is your luck. So where did the hard work go? it hasn’t gone anywhere. All these days of your hard work from day one of your startup to have this luck. Hardwork and Luck usually happen one after the other. If both doesnt happen at the same time. how do you even compare it? If you are an Aspiring entrepreneur you want to get lucky in business then put the right hard work into your business to get a successful business luck.

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