How to startup your business in the 21st century in INDIA?

In the 21st century majority of the population on this planet had have to have an orientation toward doing jobs. It is easy to apply their skill. No risk. simple to earn money with little responsibility. Jobs have more comfort than startups with taking up risks mentally and financially.

In spite of all these trends where the majority is a job-driven society. If you are born an entrepreneur or you are a person with an entrepreneur mindset, then you are getting less support from society to pop up your dream into reality.

How to startup your business in the 21st century in INDIA?

How to startup?

As the majority of ideas start with a person like you. entrepreneurs in the 21st-century majority are single. If you are a bit lucky you will find a co-founder. If you are luckier you can find a time team that works for your idea. then you need funds. If you have funds to spend then ok otherwise you need an investor.

Let’s expect that you are not so lucky to have all of these for some time, then what to do?

Startup with zero money

Yes! you have to startup with what you have. The startup idea generally emerges in the founder’s mind on basis of the skill he/she has. If your idea is a product or service. You must have or seek to have the ability to build a prototype with material that suits your product. Or you should be able to start up your service with basic tools like WhatsApp. If you have such a mindset you will be auto-trained and you handle crisis situations that your startup could have in the future. Try to startup with zero. We call it jugaad in Hindi

Grow with customer money

As you will get little traction about your business. you can understand your prototype problems or service problems with customer feedback. You get also generate some money. This will sure build your confidence in running your business in the crisis stage. After generating some thousands and lakhs. you are ready to scale your operations

Scale with customer money

Now you have your business model executed at a lower level. Now you understand that this model you have to replicate for a large audience or customers. Now you can approach investors you know or by an introduction by a third party. Push the funds into the system that can bring a large amount of customer base. Here you should know how to handle this large customer base. Build your team, build your systems of operations. You are ready to throttle. You can further raise funds as per your requirements. Hope now can imagine the route to your business empire much more clear and simple.

Previously I said you are unlucky some while, After knowing the route to becoming a successful startup in the 21st century. Now you are again back to luck again. Always be positive and make your startup dreams come true.

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