Understanding Business proposal

A business proposal is a written document delivered to a potential client in an attempt to get a job. Proposals may be requested or unasked for. During a sales call, a customer may simply request a project proposal.

Understanding Business proposal

It’s a common misconception that business proposals and business plans are the same. The proposal aims to sell your product or service rather than your business itself. Instead of assisting your search for investors to fund your business, a proposal helps you seek new customers.

the proposal also has slots, and those slots make up what I call a
proposal’s generic structure, No matter how different one proposal may be from another, sorting generic makes them both proposals, and that something is their generic structure.
The Slots in a Proposal’s Generic Structure :
Most of your roosaI opportunities exist because I. your potential client has an unsolved problem or an unrealized opportunity. Therefore, your primary task is to convince me, both logically and psychologically, that you can help me address my problem or opportunity and, in competitive situations, that you’ll do so better than anyone else.
Your entire proposal needs to communicate that message in one seamless
argument (which may happen to be divided into sections or even volumes for my convenience). Your argument is suggested by the following propositions, each of which is preceded by the proposal slot that contains it.

Situation :
This is our understanding of your problem or opportunity
Objectives. Given that problem or opportunity, these are our objectives for
addressing it.
Methods :
Given those objectives, these are our methods for achieving
Qualifications :
Given those methods, these are our qualifications for
performing them
Costs (or Fees) :
Given those qualifications and methods, this is how much
it will cost.
Benefits :
Given our efforts and their associated costs, these are the
benefits or value you will receive.

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