PM Modi takes part in Madhya Pradesh Startup Conclave

On May 14, 2022, Indian PM Narendra Modi launched the Madhya Pradesh Startup Policy and a new startup portal during the state’s Startup Conclave program.

Proved startup Innovations will be given INR 1 Cr special incentives. The policy includes provisions for concession in stamp duty to startup registration, Discounts, and assistance in investment, program planning, lease rental, extension, and patents to startups and incubators.

Women-led startups

The Madhya Pradesh startup policy will help women-led startups as well as school and college-level students to facilitate innovation. Proved Startups and innovators will also be incentivized with INR 1 Cr special.

Govt of MP estimates, that between January 26, 2022, and May 13, 2022, the state has attracted INR 700 Cr (~$91 Mn) in funding

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