Swathi and Jyothi are the two sisters who were studying engineering in the city of Hyderabad. Both of them are friendly and happy sisters from their childhood. Their father is a government employee serving in a reputed post, so they live in a Govt. quarters and Their mother is a doctor. Because of their busy schedules they rarely used to be at home. They are so busy with the work that they used to eat at their respective canteens itself. This situation brought both of the sisters to cook themselves at home and Swathi was a good cook. Swathi being the elder one and studying the final year of engineering, her parents decided to settle her in life by doing her marriage.

Obviously, Swathi denied her parent’s decision of getting married after her studies. It leads to an argument in the house and she felt bad and annoyed. Anticipating the future situation, her clever sister Jyothi already prepared this. She told her parents that “She wants to be like her father and she wanted to be an IAS officer”. Swathi, not knowing how to handle her marriage situation Swathi thought it was the right time to express her dream to her parents. After sometime pouching her wet eyes, she walked slowly towards her parents who were watching T.V and stood in front of them, picked up the remote and muted the T.V and expressed her dream.

“Mama! Papa! , I want to become a chef and don’t want to get married right now “, as she expected her highly educated parents shouted back on her. “What do you mean by that? , do you want to become a roadside Samosawala! look at your sister, at least she want to become an IAS officer, such a shame on you!”. Listening to their words Swathi became ambiguous and felt very bad about her situation. But her parents suspected that her intention of becoming a chef was not true as she was trying to escape from marriage. They were also suspecting another strong reason for denying their proposal.

The Beginning:

After few months Swathi completed her Engineering and used to be at home. At the same time, her father got a promotion to a higher position. So, the entire family shifted to new quarters (Bungalow). The new quarter that is given to them by Govt was a heritage building in Hyderabad city which was used by Mughals in olden days. The new Bungalow was well maintained and furnished with a lot of rooms. Seeing the house Swathi wished to have a large room, but Jyothi chose it first, so Swathi had to move to small room. As everyone moved out to their work, She used to sit alone in her room thinking of all her bad situations happening in life.

new home

In order to get out of her bad mood, she started exploring all other rooms of the bungalow. She explored every room and returned back to her room. Not knowing what to do, She thought of arranging her clothes into the cupboard. So she opened the cupboard. She was shocked to see another door inside.

govt quarters

By gaining the courage she opened the second door, it was a dark opening space. She was very afraid to go inside, but she couldn’t control her anticipation to check what was there inside, and slowly she went in with a torch. To her shock, she found big cooking utensils, groceries,stoves, tandoor, etc. Its a kitchen! she was confused about why this kitchen was hiding inside a cupboard. But she felt very happy to see it and she thought it would be the beginning to fulfill her dream.

On the next day, She went out to the grocery store and bought all ingredients to cook a Biryani. She began her work to clean and making everything ready to prepare biryani. She also opened an online page to post her biryani recipe to get orders.

The First Order:

On the next day, she prepared the biryani and waited for the orders by posting her page in social media. Finally, she got her first order. she fulfilled the order and got a splendid response from the first customer. He wrote very good feedback on social media about her online page which gained more orders to her. She felt very happy about her overnight success. Due to the specialty of the secret kitchen, no other family member was able to trace out that biryani used to cook every day at their home. This continued for several weeks.

The Happiest Day:

One fine day her father ordered a biryani to his office online, due to his busy schedule at work. He felt that the biryani was very delicious. So he brought another parcel to home. Everyone tasted it and applauded the cook who prepared the biryani. Seeing that unknowing appreciation from the family Swathi felt happy inside. But Jyothi suspected the taste was similar to biryani that her sister cooked previously. But she was not confirmed about it. Swathi felt that this was the happiest day of her life. She thought that “This is the right time, to tell the truth about the secret kitchen and biryani”. She also wanted to settle the arguments about her marriage and start her chef journey authentically.

Suspect to Secret Truth:

The next morning when she woke up, no one was there in the house, everyone is at their work. So, she felt that she missed the chance of convincing their family. So she again continued her work on the online biryani portal.

Due to her bad health, Jyothi returned back to home. She was walking towards her house in the street and she suddenly saw a young boy coming out of their house. She was shocked and immediately informed her parents. Knowing about this their parents came back home in a rush. Father shouted Swathi! Swathi! entering fiercely into the room. Swathi was shocked and came out running what happened father(papa).”What is happening in the house after we went to work?” father asked angrily. Swathi thought father got to know about her secret kitchen and was very tensed. The father shouted ! ” who is the boy?” Is this the reason you are postponing the marriage”. Swathi shocked with confusion. Mother also shouted at her and started blaming.

Swathi collapsed down and yelled falling down on knees. She replied crying “I didn’t do anything wrong papa, he is a delivery boy. I am running an online restaurant”.She also explained everything that happened and revealed the secret kitchen and biryani they ate and appreciated her unknowingly”. Hearing this, everyone felt very bad on the negative mindset they thought about Swathi, Her parents hugged her felt very bad about their lenient thought about her ability to become chef. Jyothi also supported Swathi, saying “yes mama!papa! I know her taste of food she cooks. And she is that chef everyone is talking in online”. Her father felt proud and gave a cheque to start a small restaurant in the city. Swathi was also very happy that her family understood her passion and finally, she felt that her dream has come true due to the secret kitchen.

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