A fine morning a boy was playing on the terrace. He was completely in his play mood as he was flying a kite .He was so keen flying the kite, he wants fly it bit high that he want to touch the clouds passing over in the sky. Due to his good kite flying skills he could able to fly high. The kite touched the clouds. He felt so happy about it and inspired to fly further height.So He flew the kite further high which made him loose the vision on the kite. After sometime he noticed some paper falling down the sky. He felt bad that his kite was untangled and falling back to him. To his great surprise he noticed something else as it is nearing to him. He jumped little high and caught it. It was a currency note. After realizing that it is money, he left all the play things and ran down stairs to his mother “shouting”..

Helicopter Money

His mother was sitting idle at the dining table , Worrying about something and she unnoticed his son calling him. The boy came running downstairs and jumped facing her.He showed her the currency note with great anticipation. She was also shocked and pulled the note from the boy’s hand with excitement. She asked him “How did you get it”?. The innocent boy replied instantly that it flew from sky. There would be a helicopter flying above the clouds, that someone throwed at him. It is a Helicopter money .The mother obviously didn’t believed the boy’s reply and took him to his father.

The father was a technician in a factory near by, who lost his job and sitting at home watching TV. The mother complained about about his son telling about the flying currency note (Helicopter money). The sincere father also got angry instantly on the boy and got ready to beat him with a stick. Suddenly! A breaking news appeared on the TV , “Helicopter money” , money is raining from Helicopter from the sky. The whole family was shocked and ran outside for catching more money.

Helicopter money

Coming into details on the TV. The TV Reporter reports like this. Due to pandemic situations (ex: corona virus) there are abundant stocks piled up in the stores, go-downs and warehouses. But there is no one to buy them due to lack of money of the public (many went jobless). So local government decided to give money to the civilians (public), to help them to fulfill some of their necessities, at the same time to move both perishable and non- perishable stock, this in turn helps to handle the economic fall down of the country. Due to abnormal conditions to reach everyone in the nation, the government took helicopters to distribute money to the people abnormal conditions to reach everyone in the nation, the government took helicopters to distribute money to the people of the nation

This is “Helicopter Money”.

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