It all started when the internet bubble has began to inflate. Jeff Bezos founder of Amazon, started his own e-commerce portal in 1995. He clearly understood the business scope e-commerce and its reach ability. He also aware of the market stand of other competitors. which spreads across USA with distinct and fulfilled product lines.

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The customer is the final decision maker to choose or purchase of a product. Jeff thought about 10 to 20 most important products to be showcased that would attract more customers. He was confused and wanted to get the sure success of attracting first order from the customers, through online with fear of failure conscious. There are problems with packing, weight, as US post offices were not great in handling delivery of products. They had bad reputation among the people which made Jeff fear of conformed delivery to customers. He also expected that the orders are delivery initially by cash on delivery. Before customer gain confidence about the online store and delivery service.

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Until then customers always use to choose a product with look and feel with hands experience before a purchase. In order to overcome this hurdle Jeff has to choose the product that is already known to customers with good demand.

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Considering all issues regarding the packages, delivery, customer trust and feel, knowledge and demand he had to isolate himself to a particular product time. That are books product line. The books are easy to package,less weight to deliver,paid through COD, already customers knows or have knowledge about it.These would made him to start with books to expand into different product lines that brought him to huge success today.This same approach was also started by Flip-kart and also attained same amount demand and reputation among the consumers worldwide.

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