The desired to be successful drawing use demand and interest to the youth nowadays. It may be education, work, life choice etc. Making a right choice, executing by working on it and achieving the desired result is a concerned time, need a plan. Such a plan which give desired result reliably is known to be perfect plan. Everybody needs such plan to be a part on their Planning board. But everything doesn’t go well accordingly. We need to check and monitor all our execution at every step. Once the plan is taken it is not easy to step back from it. Generally we don’t find the scope to trial(test) on any of the our decisions in life before we dedicate rest of our time completely on it, to get successful. But in entrepreneurship we can find such scope. The model we follow is known to Lean Startup Model.

lean startup loop cycle
Lean Startup Feedback Loop

Testing your creation

If you are an individual you are able to build a product or render a service in exchange of currency to the needy consumers. Your entrepreneurship life can be trailed before you fully go into the public. Such mode of starting a business is called lean startup model. Let’s go more in brief with an example. If you are able to prepare hot and sour ice cream from from raw mango extracts. You are pretty confident about your ice cream as you could feel the delicious taste and appearance. Now you want to go into the market, so you prepared business plan. you would estimate that you need large amount of fund required to capture whole market. Then you would feel the risk. You generally don’t want to risk to put all your savings into your new untested creation.

Then you will be blocked from moving forward with your business plan.

Lean startup execution

Here comes to lean startup model execution. Go out, test your ice cream with your friends, people outside your relation and random public. Take feedback from them. Pile up all your negative and positive reviews. Work them to prepare market acceptable good looking, smooth, tasty, hot and soar mango ice cream to hit the world. When you feel the confidence, you can invest your fund to meet the market demand and consumer interest and achieve more sales.

The lean startup model is drawing eyes from every startup. This is also been setup into curriculum of business Universities. This model helps you conquer the real problems, refine your product or service by making you falling faster before you became bankrupt. Even though startup are not miniature versions of large Corporates, the lean startup model could be first step to becoming a such successful and large business entrepreneurs. Failing fast can make you much more beneficial to achieve success faster

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