Basis of unemployment

After many years of gaining knowledge and practicing skill, a person starts looking for a job. Where he starts investing his knowledge in a work to be done in an organisation, so that he gets paid to his/ her work that rendered. Sometimes lack of opportunity to find the work leads to the state of unemployment. This state generally occurs in a country with rescission, civil wars, political turmoils which leads to unstable situations in economy and companies moving away to other countries. The demand for the jobs, growth of youth percentage in a nation and will lead to a space of unemployment. In order to fulfill this employment demand there is a need of organizations, industries, businesses, factories,small and big scale manufacturing outlets are need to be established.

The employment is generally chosen by the ability, time and life style of a person that he wishes to lead his entire life. Basically employment to be chosen of two types, salaried employment and self employment.The salaried employment is where a person procures a job from an established organization. Here he gets all secure benefits of the employment and applies all his knowledge to run the organization. The self employment is a self made work opportunity to render a service to to the clients and get paid for it in flexible amounts.

Employments are interdependent

The both employments are inter dependent. The well established organization are once started by the self employed individuals. Of course these organizations are completely depends on the salaried individuals. The self employed feels the risk in this investment and constantly works on stabilizing his revenue. The salaried individual also feels his risk of losing his job and yet tries to procure different other opportunities as per his work experience. Each employment has its pros and cons that will decide his life style of the person and his contribution to his family, society and in turn the nation.

To become a salaried employee your training generally starts from class 1 for your education. Your professional skills are nurtured, oriented in the university level. But becoming a self employed person you have to self driven. There are also entrepreneurship teaching institutions are been setup by governments and privates where you learn about entrepreneurship. This entrepreneurship inturn produce more jobs, and further boosts economy of region, state and the country. This helps fighting unemployment . After all we want to lead a happy , prosperous and well sufficient life.

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