Humans are one of the species on the planet earth, Who like different food items with different tastes. Hunger, Taste, expense, availability drives them for consuming the food. The demand of food is always high And Consistent. So, the taste, availability, time ,cost drives much more demand for the food. In the idea of capture this market of demand the Entrepreneurs build new tool that takes food (That is tasteful, less expensive, reachable) to the hungry and food lovers . The tool is called Food on Wheels or Food truck.

Food Truck Internal Diagram
Food Truck Internal Diagram

The food truck trend is picking up huge market growth day by day because of the busy life of the people, less cooking skills giving more scope to the market. Setting up a food truck in a location is easy but need some regulations to be followed initially setting up. There are few licenses and permissions to be considered in order to make this restaurant on wheels into a reality.

Registrations and Paper work

  1. Shop registration
  2. FSSAI License
  3. Vehicle registration
  4. RTO – NOC
  5. Municipal corporation- NOC
  6. Fire safety

After completion of all the necessary permissions, Now the time is to setup your truck with the kitchen. Back your truck with chassis which you can customize as per your requirements.You need a team to handle different tasks .

1 Chef : Who cooks Vegetable courses Fastfood,Continental .
2 Biller : Who can issue tokens and bills.
3 Dish Cleaner: Who handle dishes or disposable waste.
4 Helper: Extra Assistants who helps the Above .
5 Driver : He can be the part of your team.

Plan for raw materials Suppliers, kitchen equipment and Utilities, point of sales Software, Menu with the items and a attractive logo.

After you are ready building your food truck, look for a location where you can park your truck to serve your foodies. Planning your every business setup will help you to get succeed. The aspects That are to be considered asper the property are food hygiene And test, hospitality and handling you were hungry timeless customers , Traffic issues, and Environmental hygiene. The simple thing that will impress your customers are how you receive them unlimited water availability Extra items with food coupon to return again , Environment and news updates etc. by making necessary small changes you can hit the 270 crores food wheels market to the point and make your wonderful living.

Estimation List :

 (This varies according to quality and interests)  
  • Food truck – 5 – 20lakh
  • Kitchen equipment – 5 Lakh
  • License paperwork – 50000
  • Man power (chef) – 3k-15k per month
  • Raw materials(vegs) – 2500
  • MRSC -30000

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