Two computers are connected they form a basic Network of the world wide web. When third one enters it makes connection with other two, making itself known on the web. When next one enter the connectivity will happen with other three making the more complex connection structure. Now imagine your mobile phone as mini- computer. The computers which are around (10 Billion[1000 crore]) devices are connected to each other on this huge network on this globe. Such a complex structure of connectivity forms the World Wide Web and simply we it call as Internet. The telecom companies has made easy to us helping in connecting to the WWW network by filling a registration form. The day to day connections joining the network is drastically increasing and it crossed the world population which are around (8.7 billion[870 crores]).

Connected Devices Network

Rise of Internet kingdom

Every device on the network is dynamic and smart, each accepting and generating content which are Petabytes of data every day. This data shaping the Internet into further complex and making it difficult to understand the coreuse of it . Considering this different computer based analysis been done and computer programs has been build by different scientists and Companies respectively to understand it in a better way. Lets see here about how different companies plays different roles on the Internet like in real society. Amazon is like a store where you can buy a products, Google acts as a guide (tourist guide) to see different websites, Netflix is a movie theater to watch movies, Whatsapp acts Like a post office to deliver messages, Facebook is a hangout place to meet friends etc. These companies moulded Internet Technology understandable to layman using a reachable computer program. The ecommerce store also helping many merchants but not giving effective results. Here the Internet is the ground, the computer and its program are the executives, The companies are the ministers and making the customers ( layman) as the King . With all above entities form an Internet Kingdom.

The Internet kingdom is expanding infinitely making further complex, anonymous and difficult to handle. Inspite of its huge structure it is providing different opportunities to explore and established solutions and providing revenue to many users. May this kingdom flourish and bring solutions, directions and prosperity to the real world.

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