India is a country having second largest population in the world. The country with traditional values ,heritage ,great culture and Entrepreneurship. Now a days we are seeing change in the people mind set. A lot of migrations are happening.

traveling west
Travelling to west

Migrations took contemporary shift

This contemporary shift generally happens in the countries due to political civil wars (internal wars) and poverty. Irrespective of these conditions , lot of migrations are happening. The main reasons are may be lack of employment , high foreign currency value , attractive modern life style . According to united nations statistics there is high increase of number of Indians seeking migrations to abroad. In a decade time (2008-18) the percentage raises up to 996.33%, Many requests are for countries like USA and Canada. The United Nations High Commission has expressed its shocking notion towards Indians migration.

India's Migrations In Search of destiny in the West

Before 10 years the situation was completely different. In 2008 -2009 the Indian seeking shelter were about 282 members. But in last 10 years it has multiplied 10 times approximately. In 2018 people seeking for US migration was 28489. The other countries also share as follows. Canada migration (5,522,) South Africa (4,329), Australia (3,584), South Korea (1,657), Germany (1,313). The surprising fact is that people seeking to go to developing countries like USA , Canada , Germany is usual. But Indians are also opting for countries with poverty ,civil wars and tremendous violence like Yemen , Sudan ,Bosnia , Burundi etc. In 2018 Indians seeked 57 countries for migration . According to statistics people seeking to migrate to other countries all over the world is 35.03 Lakhs in 2018. In those around 11,957 members seeked migration to India(0.34%) .

This situation happening due to many factors. Lack of employment opportunities due to high imbalance in knowledge and opportunities , bad environmental situations ,society and its thinking, human relations and requirements etc . There is a need by the government, intellectual society and common people to analyse and think on this issue and work on it . Otherwise we shall see world’s highly effective People in doing work leave this as youth-less barren country.

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